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one of the most beautiful and complex scenography on earth for a new form of communication

After the success of our first ArtVideoMix MOUNTAINS SUN SILENCE (MONTAGNE SOLE SILENZIO), new conception show in which artistic exploration and geographic exploration are mixed by means of vanguard technologies that explore new communication forms, we are ready for our new ambitious project.

As the previous ArtVideoMix, synthesis of a wide cultural network known with the name of INTRAISASS and to which beyond 170 authors participate from the whole Italy and not only, the new project sets out from a many years experience in exploratorive, artistic and geographic field, where authors of various competences :-[writers, photographers, geographic explorers, visual artists and musicians]-: are coordinated by a super-partes direction that has as primary objective to create a multidisciplinary work to be presented in THEATRE. The universal message of exploring places, artistic and real, of this work emerges with great evidence, in order to be conveyed to a wide public. «Explorative high quality together with essential contents for reaching the wide receptive variability of a wide public, beyond the borders of the specialization» - this is in other words our objective. The success of our last show, appreciated by several levels and cross-sectional kinds of public is a concrete test. The new project will be the logic and irreversible evolution of the previous one.

Serata FILM FESTIVAL TRENTO a Montecchio Maggiore con Reinhold Messner + ArtVideoMix MONTAGNE SOLE SILENZIO

Base of this evolution is the idea that geographic exploration :-[mountaineering]-: and artistic exploration must not be taken apart, or kept in separated, not communicating rooms, but integrated, harmonized, looking for contact points, the "harmonics", between apparently different explorations, but inside ourselves alike.

Here, in a form of words, what the new plan consists of: «To realize an EXPLORATION at maximum levels in all its ASPECTS, geographic and artistic».

Dietro le quinte - Serata FILM FESTIVAL TRENTO a Montecchio Maggiore con Reinhold Messner + ArtVideoMix MONTAGNE SOLE SILENZIO

From the middle of July a selected team of mountaineers-photographers will move towards Pakistan in order to explore the North-West side of RAKAPOSHI, 7788 meters, one of the beautiful and complex mountains on Earth. NW SPUR, the longest spur of the world, with its over 4000 meters drop and 7 kilometers development, is still unclimbed and represents a final challenge at international level.

For 5 years we have been studying Rakaposhi and preparing for it.
We will penetrate a still unexplored glacier of the mountain, leaving from Hunza Valley, known for its verdant oasis and for the complex cultural-anthropological substrate developed on the regions crossed by the Silk Route. We put together a beautiful team of friends, light, with multiple competences and common ideals, formed by world-class mountaineers and photographers. We will adopt, as far as possible, the "alpine style", that is a style in which the forces of man and nature come directly into contact, without or with reduced use of mediations of any kind. In other words: self-sufficiency, no high altitude porters, no additional oxygen, little climbing equipment .

RAKAPOSHI - Parete NORD (sullo sfondo lo SPERONE NW)

RAKAPOSHI - 7788 m - NW SPUR: if our objective was only this! Surely very ambitious. But for us the mountain and the ascent are not the only and determining objective. For us the objective, in its complexity, is all that is inside and outside, the mountain, and ourselves.
After having climbed the mountain, or at least tried, we will present the EXPEDITION IN THEATRE, using all artistic forms. We are already writing a pre-scenario. When we are back, we will introduce the public not to the usual slideshow-documentary, but a true theatre performance with actors, music and images combined with the most advanced assembling/editing techniques

In other words, we will try to illustrate the expedition and the deep motivations of artistic and geographic exploration by means of a NEW FORM OF COMMUNICATION that carefully mixes visual arts, music and writing, as experienced in Stanze di Intraisass.
We quote, en passant, the words of Festival of Trento 2004 director, Augusto Golin, that judged our previous show :-[MOUNTAINS SUN SILENCE (MONTAGNE SOLE SILENZIO)] -: very innovative, amongst the most innovative shows of the review, and first-comer, perhaps, «of a new way to communicate, not only in mountaineering».

MONTAGNE SOLE SILENZIO - Uno scatto durante lo spettacolo portato in giro per le piazze italiane

We quote also an extract of a private letter written by one of the greatest personalities of Italian culture linked to the world of exploration and mountaineering, Mirella Tenderini, recent author of the book LA LUNGA NOTTE DI SHACKLETON: «Your ArtVideoMix has been one of the most interesting events of the last years. They say that it is time to tell mountaineering and adventure stories in a new way, but up to now nobody has found the way: it seems to me that the only one who has tried, and with excellent results, it’s you".

EXplorare, EXperimentare, EXpedire [latin ex:out - pedis:foot], to set the foot outside, is difficult and dangerous. We try to, without illusions, aware of our limits and respectful for what is outside ourselves, the Other from us, the wall, the mountain, the nature.

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